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The HonorNRespect MJ TDRCAU Crewneck marries style with comfort in an homage to the legendary Michael Jackson. The sweatshirt features a distinctive design inspired by Jackson's defiant anthem, "They Don't Really Care About Us."


Constructed from French Terry lightweight material, this crewneck offers a mix of durability and everyday comfort, making it a perfect fit for your wardrobe.


The heart of the design features a full flat embroidered MJ illustration, resonating with the powerful spirit of "They Don't Really Care About Us." The use of speckle screen printing gives the sweatshirt a distinctive textured appearance, while the HnR letter logo is subtly incorporated into the design, providing an authentic brand representation.


American Style Cut:
With an American style cut, this crewneck ensures a relaxed yet fashionable fit that's flattering for all body types, making it a versatile wardrobe addition.


Unique Features:
The MJ TDRCAU Crewneck is distinguished by its unique features. An intricately three-dimensional embroidered HnR letter logo enhances the right sleeve, while the neck taping carries inspirational streetwear quotes, adding a positive vibe to the garment.


Back Detailing:
The back of the crewneck proudly showcases the crown Honor N Respect logo, underlining the brand's ethos of promoting honor and respect.


Model Details:
To help you find the perfect fit, our male model is wearing a size XL, and our female model is wearing a men's size XSmall.


The HonorNRespect MJ TDRCAU Crewneck is more than just a garment. It's a celebration of music, culture, and fashion, inspiring respect and honor with every wear.


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$44.99Sale Price